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Welcome to a new kind of gardening.

Urban Garden Solutions  creates innovative gardens based on Permaculture principles.  Growing organic food has never been easier.  Do you want practical solutions to drought, nutrient depleted soil, poor drainage, weeds and low productivity? 

Without toxic pesticides or fertilizers, I grow more than 50 varieties of herbs, fruits, berries and veggies in my urban yard, using rain water I capture. I have expanded the growing season with an inexpensive  seasonal greenhouse, providing homegrown vegetables until December with some herbs lasting all winter.  Most of my gardens have  hügelkultur core to provide natural nutrients. The raised gardens store rain water in a reservoir under the soil so plants have consistent water – no more daily watering! Some of my projects are listed below and how I created them are on “My Work” page.  Call me for a tour!

My work is also documented on Facebook, Instagram and my YouTube Channel.

Urban Gardens

  • Barrel Garden
  • Cube Garden 
  • Self Watering Cube Garden
  • Urban Greenhouse 
  • Self Watering Balcony Garden
  • Pallet Garden

Farm Projects

  • Farm Wall
  • Farm Swales

About me…

I  have traveled extensively in Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Canada and USA working on organic farms and living in sustainable communities.  I have learned much about what we must do to reverse damaging practices that are not sustainable.  I want to help everyone interested to grow nutritious food regardless of income level. 

My Dream…

I dream about creating a community of others who care as I do about what is happening in our world and wish to live in harmony with the environment rather than continuing practices that damage it. I believe it is possible to create sustainable, low cost gardens to enable everyone to grow fresh produce, regardless of income level.  I would like to create community gardens in downtown cores.  These gardens would create food for those who may not be able to afford to buy at the grocery store.