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Welcome to a new kind of gardening.

Urban Garden Solutions  creates innovative gardens based on Permaculture principles.  Growing organic food in small spaces with a minimum of work has never been easier.  Do you want practical solutions to drought, nutrient depleted soil, poor drainage, weeds and low productivity? 

Without toxic pesticides or fertilizers, I grow delicious herbs, berries and veggies, mostly using rain water I capture. I have expanded the growing season with an inexpensive urban greenhouse.  Most of my gardens have  hügelkultur core to provide natural nutrients. Some of my projects are listed below and how I created them are on “My Work” page.

My work is also documented on Facebook, Instagram and my YouTube Channel.

Urban Gardens

  • Barrel Garden
  • Cube Garden 
  • Self Watering Cube Garden
  • Urban Greenhouse 
  • Self Watering Balcony Garden
  • Pallet Garden

Farm Projects

  • Farm Wall
  • Farm Swales

About me…

I  have traveled extensively in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA working on organic farms and living in sustainable communities.  I have learned much about what we must do to reverse damaging practices that are not sustainable.  I want to help everyone interested to grow nutritious food regardless of income level. 

My Dream…

I dream about creating a community of others who care as I do about what is happening in our world and wish to live in harmony with the environment rather than continuing practices that damage it. I believe it is possible to create sustainable, low cost gardens to enable everyone to grow fresh produce, regardless of income level.  I would like to create community gardens in downtown cores.  These gardens would create food for those who may not be able to afford to buy at the grocery store.